The Trollbuddy is an invention conceived from necessity, after years of using traditional trolling plates with their conventional "down/up" design and pull string, we decided to take them to the next millennium, when different lures, trolling techniques, boat load or changing weather/wind prevails, the lack of adjustment caused the fixed plate to not always be suitable. Most lures have a speed range where they are most productive when trolling. Very often most boats are not even able to obtain a suitable or slow enough trolling speed.

The old adage that two/three different size trolling plates fits all vessels, just did not work for us.

In decades past trolling plates were tuned by us to suit the vessel  and the one particular lure that we favoured for that species or waterway.  Unfortunately this option was still only good on a calm glassy day and limited us to the one lure.

To move an engine throttle up and down is also difficult, they are designed that way in case you accidently bump the control , there is nothing more frustrating than having to move a shifter lever in and out of gear to further slow down the vessel to trolling speed. This is hard on the captain,outboard engine & gearbox.

If you are on a tiller well it is a little easier in throttle control however we have seen many smaller tiller operated vessel's still unable to troll slow enough .

The trollbuddy works in addition to most existing trolling plates, once they have been slightly modified by us, same principles as most conventional trolling plates, where-by a hinged plate is lowered behind the propeller to act as a brake by diverting the thrust produced by the propeller and also acts as a trim/hydrofoil  in underway conditions when in the retracted position, this is about where the similarity's end however, as the trollbuddy incorporates an electric actuator that allows the trolling plate  to be stopped at any point during its 90 degrees of travel/angle via the wireless key remote or main control panel. This means that you can dial in your boat speed to allow your lures to run at their optimum trolling speed,  regardless of most prevailing breezes, vessel size ,engine size, number of crew, fuel & cooler load all influence a vessels speed in the water. By lowering the trollbuddy, you can slow your speed down, the closer the plate is to verticle, the slower your speed, by raising the trollbuddy, the closer the plate is to horizontal the quicker your speed will be.
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